Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who comes up with this stuff?

So, this morning, in my rush to meet my friend for a friendly tennis match at 7am, I brushed my teeth in the kids bathroom so as not to wake up Chris (what was that? Julie was up before Chris? I think that was the first time this summer :-). Anyway, I grabbed a sample sized toothpaste (one of many sitting around from our recent trip to the dentist - the kids love the mini tubes) and began brushing. It took about 2 seconds to realize that it wasn't the usual "minty freshness" we all come to expect from Crest. It tasted like I was brushing my teeth with frosting, really people, who wants the taste of vanilla at 6:45 in the morning?? Come to think of it, there might be plenty of you who do, but for me, give me the mint! I thought for a moment that this was surely a left-over April fool's prank (ya know, Caroline must have swiped the real toothpaste with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting). Nope, I grabbed the tube and read the label . . . it's Crest's latest attempt to get people to brush - "Refreshing Vanilla Mint." OK, absolutely nothing refreshing about it, and where did they come up with the "mint" portion of the label - it was a sugary sweetness that shoudn't even be associated with toothpaste. There you go, my rant for the day . . . really, it's the only thing that has bothered me all week!


Marti said...

I has to be minty for it to feel 'clean' to me. But, I'm sure my kids would LOVE it!

Linda said...

I'm all for the mint too! Sorry we missed Sophie's b-day. Tell her happy birthday from all of us. She is such a sweet girl and we just think she is great!

joebrimcgee said...

I can't believe she is that old!! I remember when she was born. This is Brianna by the way.... I have a blog, but I'm afraid I don't have your email address to add you to my list. Send me an email to and i'll add you.