Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Our Moments"

WOW - three posts in one day - that's a first. It's been a crazy week with the summer ending much too soon, the kids getting back to school with all that it entails, and the trip to the orthodontist for Ryan and Caroline's new hardware. The time that I thought would be mine and Elizabeth's flew out the window and I'm shaking my head in disbelief that September is tomorrow. Where on earth did August go? I have to admit that this is the first time in my LIFE that I am lamenting the passing of summer. In years past, I anxiously await the beginning of autum, the drop in temperature, and the change of color. This year I want to scream, "STOP . . . please stay warm, stay green, let the kids run around barefoot for a little longer, and please DO NOT let me see Christmas decorations in any store!!" Too late.

Can't life slow down just a little? Can't people enjoy the summer before feeling the need to display nativity scenes and giant blow up santas? I'm a purist, I refuse to put up Halloween decor (um, ya, that would be the two things that look remotely "halloween-ish") until it's actually October for heaven's sake, and Christmas . . . c'mon, can people at least wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to begin setting up for the next holiday? RRRR . . . such a gripe of mine!

OK, I'm just a little off my topic at hand. Anyway, along the sidebar of my blog I added "our moments" - a running list of little sayings, songs, or happenings that trigger funny, memorable moments for our family. Today I was thinking of all the fun we really do have together and thought I should try and remember some of those little moments that truly only have meaning to our family - those "inside jokes" and memories that define us as a family. You know, the times when you're together and someone says, "remember when . . . " and before long you're all in tears remembering something in the past that was so corny that only your family gets the humor.

I want to remember those times - with just a word or two - because life can sometimes get overwhelming, and raising children and keeping your marriage strong is a lot of work, so I thought why not keep the fun times alive and add to it to our list everytime one of these "moments" presents itself. And please, if any of my readers out there want to know the specifics of any of our moments, just ask . . . I'll be happy to share the story behind the words.

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cher said...

Kudos for making a point of remembering those fun moments. I so need to do this! Sometimes I can't even remember a funny comment from Leah when my mom reminds me! So sad to lose those memories!