Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

43 TODAY - wow, who would guess?!? Really, not many can look this great in their forties. I hope you don't mind the hot pic I chose for the blog :-). We love you and are missing you while you're away. We know how much you don't like the spotlight or attention in any form whatsoever, so that's precisely why we're doing this :-). Everyone out there needs to know how wonderful we think you are, so here goes . . .

Birthday wishes from the peanut gallery:

"I love my daddy because he gives me good treats and reads me stories. Oh, and he sings the funny potty song too." - Liza

"I love him because he takes me swimming, reads REALLY funny stories and makes up silly songs." - Sophie

"He's fun because he lets me do his hair all crazy on sundays, introduced me to 'cute overload,' and he makes me laugh." - Caroline

"He's cool." - Ryan

"He never fails to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, even on those days when I KNOW for a fact I'm not looking that great! I couldn't live without you - happy birthday love." - Julia

The following is in celebration of our dad - who is in fact part Jerry Seinfeld, part Ray Romano, and part Adam Sandler. . . a clip of one of our favorite Seinfeld episodes. Chris has many "golden boys" hiding in our closet that are a step away from the trash bin, but the minute I mention their demise, I get the "golden boy" routine, and because it's so dang funny, I let Chris keep his favorite shirts despite the wear and tear. Enjoy!

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annie cantera said...

We all love you too, Chris. You have good taste in music, you are hilarious to hang out with, and have very interesting points of view. By far one of the brightest and most fun people we know.
We remembered you on your birthday and hope it was a good one.