Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Twiddlebugs!

Flashback . . . Liza and I were watching classic Sesame Street videos this morning on youtube (I'll put some others on another time), but for today here's a favorite - the twiddlebugs. I was laughing so hard I was in tears because I forgot how much these funny creatures were part of my daily comedy routine during high school. When one of my friends was having a bad day, I would lean over in class and whisper, "how do we get to the zoo?" in my very best twiddlebug voice . . . it was too much to resist and before long we would cause quite a disturbance inacting the entire "Let's take the family car" episode.

Makes me smile just thinking about it and reminds me to be a twiddlebug a little more often on dreary days! So, this is for Wendy and Jamie, the biggest fans of "let's go to the zoooo . . . "


christensen crew said...

Julie, you are such a cute person....I love that you'd whisper in twiddlebug voices to your buddies in high school....So funny. I too was watching Sesame Street this week and saw the twiddlebug family trying to take a family photo! I was really laughing out loud...they are such a great bit!
Anyway, I just love reading your are such an optimistic and fun loving little mommy, and a great example. Oh btw, LOVE the sunflowers too! I can't get enough of the beauty of our neighborhood! We are blessed to live here, huh?
love kate

Wendy said...


I can't believe you can remember this. It took a few minutes for it all to come back to me. Hilarious! Good times.


Kevin said...

I was just googling "the Twiddlebugs" and found your site. Years ago, my sister and I used to try to analytically discuss the merits of carrying the family car to the zoo in an effort to speed up the journey.

Kevin, Australia