Saturday, September 13, 2008

The latest from our Liza

"If you're a boy and you play tennis you HAVE to wear one of those bands right here around your head (as she points to her forehead) - it's the rule."

"Ohhhh, gross, did you see the hairy guy in that car? So freaky!"

"Sophie was way nicer when she was six."

Liza's response when I told her last night to come inside for a bath: "Why don't we just rinse off with the hose tonight." (a sign that we spent too much time at the lake this year :-).

The conversation the other day in the car that about made me crash because I was laughing so hard. . .

Liza: I am missing my cousin.
Me: Oh, I know, I miss Becca too, hopefully we'll see her soon.
Liza: Oh, no, not that cousin.
Me: Really? Who? Rachel, Spencer, Avery. Miriam??
Liza: No Mom . . . Bernie, I miss Bernie. When does he get to come stay at our house again??

Now, for those of you waiting for the punchline, that was it - BERNIE - because Bernie isn't technically a cousin (i.e. a human who is the child of one of your siblings). Bernie is my single brother's DOG, a cute boston terrier that the kids absolutely adore and who stays with us every few weeks or so while Travis is out of town, but a DOG nonetheless. Liza has come to the conclusion that since Travis has no children and treats Bearnie like a kid, that makes him her cousin. Welcome to the family, Bernie.

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Joe and Brianna said...

ha ha she is so funny. I can't wait for Mason to start talking... I'm so interested to see what he says!! Kids are so funny. I miss your kids! We are actually in town until the 22nd!! so maybe we can come see you now! Send me an email and let me know if there is a good time to come stop by... I'll be sure to not forget this time!