Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too Short Summer

It seems we're not the only people on the planet that thought summer went by much too quickly. Fall is in full swing now with the mountains full of brilliant color, baseball, hockey, and football every weekend, and of course pumpkins, ghosts and other ghoulish creatures adorning doorsteps throughout the neighborhood.

But before I get too immersed in the wonderful autumn season, I want to take a moment to remember what a great, albeit short, summer we enjoyed. Here are some pics of a few moments I failed to mention when summer was here . . .

Sunny days swimming and goofing off at the club . . .
Caroline and her friends' many baking projects . . .
Ryan's lacrosse games - go Skyline!
A little friend we found in a tree at Liberty Park one afternoon - it's a porcupine!
Spending 4th of July morning with Chris' dad - hiking at Solitude . . . .
That night it was a bbq at the Elggrens and the 4th Annual "Alta Ridge Circle of Fire" - thanks Jay and Tara!"
Sophie and her favorite new friend this summer - Jenny Sandoval
Caroline and tennis coach/friend Tanner Evans
Getting the royal treatment on fireworks night . . . sitting on the field and meeting the players - thanks Terry!
Caroline and friends having a ball at Snowbird . . .

Good-bye dinner with Chris' mom before her she left on her mission to Philly. after the farewell - we'll miss you Sister Pat!
Pat entered the MTC on September 8th and is having some beautiful experiences on her mission and enjoying all the new people she's meeting in Philidelphia.
Other memories of summer 2008: Ryan and Caroline out practically every night playing night games with friends, Ryan's scout overnighters and especially his trip to Moab to bike Slick Rock, spending afternoons at the club, Bear Lake, Julie's tennis, Liza and Sophie's swim lessons, and the best part of summer with the kids - NO school or schedules!

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lyn. said...

Maybe the summer wasn't really so short, you just filled it so full that it just seemed to fly by... LOL

I loved reading about all of your summer adventures!