Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas memories - 2009

I'm finally getting around to our Christmas post.  December was crazy wonderful, we had a great mix of family togetherness with the Howick and Cantera clans, fun outings and activities, as well as our own family traditions.  Our home was "party central," which ended up being a lot of fun - we hosted Christmas Eve brunch and sledding with Jenna's family, Christmas Eve dinner and party with the rest of my family, enjoyed having my parents and brother over Christmas morning, then Cantera cousin fun and skiing with David the next day.  That was just the first three days.  Then it was helping host the big Howick family party at our church with my mom and aunt, then having the cousins over for New Year's eve, and finally the New Year's Eve party with grandpa Ron and the Cantera fam.  Here are a million pics of some of the festivities . . .

Sophie and friends at Annabelle's annual tea party.

At the "living nativity" - wow, very beautiful - next year the whole family is going!

Decorating gingerbread cookies - just one of our many fun projects in the kitchen.

First round of treats to give to friends . . . sugar cookies and pounds of toffee to follow!

Howick family tradition, now Cantera tradition (thanks Mom!) - the "Love Pillow" - we take turns expressing love and appreciation for one another. 
The kids love finding it on their beds!

Our annual family Christmas outing 2009 - This year we choose to go see the Joseph Smith movie, then lights at Temple Square, then dinner at Himalayan Kitchen.  It was so nice having Grandma Pat join us.

CHRISTMAS EVE with the Howicks
Family pics in our living room - My  mom and dad with the grandkids

Our photographer set up the studio right in our house - pretty slick . . .

And yes, Chris needed a haircut - hadn't had it cut since AUGUST -
oh well, I love my rockstar husband!

Christmas Eve dinner

Uncle Travis gave all his neices/nephews new beanies - how SWEET.

It's not Christmas Eve without traditional Norwegian Krumkake filled w/fresh raspberries and whip cream - yummy!

My favorite women - Mom, sister Jenna, and my sweet Caroline

Thanks Grandma!

Christmas Eve pjs - the kids had to forego the treasure hunt and settle for "hot and cold" this year - just got too late . . .

But they didn't seem to mind!

Liza with cousins Miriam and Avery

Singing "The Nativity Song" together before reading Luke 2 . . .

Sophie and Liza's surprises from Santa
Always exciting!
Chris' gift from the kids - a nice, new blender for his protein shakes - they were SO excited to give it to him!

oh, and Wii Fit and snowshoes for me . . . fun!

Skiing and sledding with cousins . . .

Caroline and Shelby

Cousins Becca and Rachel with Liza and Soph before sledding.

On the sledding hill

NEW YEAR'S EVE with the Canteras
Party with the Cantera clan and Grandpa Ron - Ryan was awesome at celebrity charades - until he had to ask, "Who's Rosa Parks??"
Ryan can't wait to leave and go with his friends to a "real" party!

We  made it - the year is over - time to open up our 2009 box . . .

Inside our "2009" box - all the mementos from our year - always fun to open and remember the things we did together and individually, as well as the milestones that were reached during the year.


Kristin said...

I like that timebox. Good tradition. You were sure busy, no wonder you haven't blogged much.
How long did it take to load all those pics?

Melissa said...

Love the idea of the box. Wow! You've been busy.

Michelle said...

This is the post I've been putting off. It's so overwhelming to try to catch up. I love the box! What a great idea.

Marti said...

I love those family pictures!

Kelly said...


Deja said...

Darling photos, fun traditions...I'm taking notes! :) Oh, I got some snowshoes too - let's go! And tell Chris to cut that hippie hair. ;-) I love you guys!

cher said...

Holy post Batman! So fun to read... and to think all that partying was going on just across the way. : )

Stephanie said...

What a happy happy holiday! Makes me smile. We just broke open our 10 year time capsule. But doing one every year is a dynamite idea! I may have to steal that one. Yay!