Saturday, January 2, 2010

Date Night

Cozy dinner and cinnamon tea at our favorite Lebonese restaurant:  Simply amazing.

Watching Chris take 15 minutes to parellel park:
"Laugh so hard you cry" funny.

Masterpiece of a movie at our favorite downtown theater: 

Chris admitting that he really is a movie snob, just like me:
Oh, so satisfying.

Finally finding some time alone to talk, laugh, and connect with each other after more than a week of holiday company and craziness: 


cher said...

Sounds like heaven. Enjoy the return to normalcy - it's easier to appreciate after the crazy fun holidays.

You looked radiant today!

Kristin said...

Lebonese??? Weird.

15 minutes???? Holy cow. I would've gotten out.

Glad you got some face time with your busy guy.

Julie said...

Ha Ha - I WAS out of the car - directing him, that's what made it so funny - LOL!