Friday, January 1, 2010


I want to share the most eloquent words I've read all year.  They came as a Christmas card greeting from a dear friend of mine, the last will and testament from her grandmother.  So, as we contemplate "new year's resolutions" and the fresh start 2010 offers, I am reminded that it's the simple, everyday moments that I want to place my focus this year . . . living each moment filled with gratitude and joy:

"My love of learning is yours for the seeking.
My excitement over Earth's beauty
Is to be snatched in the fleeting moments
By the observant.
My deep well of contentment will be found
In quiet moments of thankfulness.
The riches I have found in life
are for each of you.
Find them in a baby's smile,
In a friend's warm touch,
In the understanding smile of a stranger,
In the security of family love.
The peace I have
That God is a good and forgiving father
I give to all of you with my love and blessings."

Maurine Conover Jensen (1913-2007)

So, if I die anytime soon, just copy and paste these words into my own "last will and testament." I couldn't express how I feel any better.  Here's to a beautiful 2010.


Julie said...

I'm caught up on the Cantera Blog! It was great reading and photos brought back good memories. I agree with you on the meaning of the poem, good advice. Happy, Happy, and thanks for a wonderful shared Christmas. Mom

Kristin said...

Very poignant words. Here here.
But don't go dying tomorrow.

Kelly said...

Actually you express how you feel eloquently. There is so much to choose from. I count this blog as one of my treats in life. You are a gifted writer.
I love you. Happy New Year, Julie!

Michelle said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing! And on the last post, I think I remember the last time Chris stayed up 'til midnight—hopefully he won't hold it against us. :) Happy New Year!!