Monday, March 22, 2010

As of late . . .

OK, not many pics in this post, but just need to WRITE and get caught up on the latest Cantera news, so here you go - the latest:

Liza turned SIX years old (March 13th), I wasn't around on her actual birthday because it was during my trip with Caroline, but we celebrated early before we left.  Yes, I also missed her first day of Kindergarten.  In typical Julie fashion, she still hasn't had her birthday party I promised, but it IS still going to happen - not sure when, but hopefully before the summer!

Sophie continues to burn through the "Little House" series - now on book six and reading every spare minute she can find!  She is counting down the days until soccer season begins again and has become an amazing little math student as well as wonderful little helper around the house.

Caroline had the time of her life at the 2010 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells a couple weeks ago - click here for all the pictures.  The highlight was meeting Melanie Oudin and watching Caroline Wozinacki, her two favorite players.  She continues to navigate her way through the social nightmare that is 7th grade and keeps smiling despite it all. 

Ryan is the captain of the JV lacrosse team for his high school, and is either at practices or games every night of the week.  We are so proud of his athleticism and leadership . . . he continues to impress not just us, but the young ladies as well.  It wasn't a surprise the other day at one of his games when the girls' lax team showed up and began cheering how much better he played ;-).  Hockey season ended with an intense game and Ryan was thrilled when his team finished in first place in their division.

Julie and Chris trying to keep it all together, despite occasional setbacks, but always getting back on track through communication, humor, and love :-).  Chris was wonderful to stay with the kids while I went on our trip, and it looks like we're beginning a "Cantera girls' trip" tradition . . . Sophie gets to come next year, and they're already talking NYC - fun times.

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