Monday, March 8, 2010

Girls' Trip!

Tomorrow Caroline and I embark on our first ever "girls' trip" together - a road trip to Palm Desert to attend this year's professional tennis tournament in Indian Wells.  It's the warm sun, palm trees, and GREEN that will be so refreshing.  We have two days to swim, play tennis, shop, hang-out, and take long walks along the golf course ourselves . . . ahhhh, then two full days of incredible tennis action.  Federer, Nadal, Henin, Sharapova, Ivanovich, Oudin, Cljisters . . . the list goes on and we're really getting excited for our little adventure together!

We figured since the guys had their male bonding week on the lake in Michigan last summer, it's our turn.  Hmmm, I sense a yearly tradition :-).  I only made mention of their trip in this post at the end of the summer, and never put up any pictures of their adventures.  It was such a memorable trip for both Chris and Ryan (so memorable that they're going to try and go again this summer) that I feel I should post some pics, so here you go:

At the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Niagra Falls

The Sacred Grove - Palmyra, NY

On Ess Lake in Northern Michigan - where Chris spent his childhood summers

Ryan experiencing the magic of Ess Lake

Chris' grandparents' home on the lake - so many Cantera memories were made here.  We wish it was still in the family.

Ryan met some friends pretty quick . . . friends with motorcycles!

Last evening on the lake - hosts Jim and Missy grilled fresh fish for my guys!

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Michelle said...

Have a fun trip! BTW, great to see your blog show up on my feed again—I guess you're public again?