Sunday, March 28, 2010

House update

Something I failed to mention in my "as of late" post was the latest news on the sale of our home.  Well, the good news is that we are showing it quite often and Saturday my realtor held an open house which attracted a few more potential buyers, furthermore, we have some people coming through tomorrow morning for a second look!  The bad news is, NO offer yet, but that's alright since it's only been officially on the market for a few weeks.

Our family is really crossing our fingers we get an offer in the next month.  The home we would love to move into will go on the market at the end of April, so if we don't have a buyer by then, we just have to hope no one else will put in an offer before our home sells.

Last Sunday Ryan and Caroline were invited to a youth fireside at the home of some good friends of ours who live in the ward we are moving.  I took the kids while Chris stayed home with the little girls.  It was a wonderful evening - the speaker was fabulous, the spirit was strong, and we were lovingly welcomed and embraced by the ward members.  You would have thought we had already purchased the home and moving in next week, they were that excited to have us in the ward!

As difficult it was at first to put our home up for sale and leave this spectacular canyon, I now know it was the right decision.  I feel much more at home in the new area.  I feel like we just belong there, that we are meant to be there.  I've never felt completely comfortable here, never felt like this was "home," and always had a feeling that the future of our family would be somewhere else, hopefully a place where each one of us could continue to progress and truly thrive in an atmosphere that best suits our personalities.  Now I know that we found that "somewhere else" and I feel so blessed.

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