Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why can't every weekend be a long weekend?

Or a long weekend plus two extra days?!  THANKSGIVING weekend was simply wonderful . . .  I love Thanksgiving, I love it because I absolutely refuse to do any shopping (except for the traditional grocery store visit before food preparations begin), I love it because our family spends quality time TOGETHER, I love it because I have some extra time to read, play piano, and just relax, and I love it because Thanksgiving is the perfect segway into the Christmas season: a few days when we truly remember how blessed we are and how content we are with the things that matter most in life.

Thanksgiving 2010 memories:
  • Spending our holiday with Grandma Janice, Grandpa Terry (my parents), Travis and Kristie (my brother and his girlfriend)
  • Preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and dad
  • Reading the kids' "gratitude lists"
  • The smell of turkey cooking in the oven
  • Thanksgiving day NAPS
  • Playing games every night with grandma
  • Movies
  • Football
  • Brisk winter walks - before dinner with my mom, later that night under the stars with Chris
  • Skiing with my girls
  • Leftovers!
  • PIANO - playing from our latest book of Christmas arrangements and listening to the girls and Chris play Christmas songs as well.
  • Reading and relaxing by the fire (Caroline finished TWO books)
  • SNOW and watching the little girls play nonstop outside with their sleds and neighbor kids.
  • Hot chocolate, peppermint bark, cheeseball, and my mom's famous FUDGE.
  • The fireplace - seemed like the fire was going round the clock . . . aahhhhh.

Some pics . . .
Getting up at 6am with my dad to learn how to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. 

Our table (turned out pretty decent considering we don't have a formal dining table yet - pretty cool what you can to with those Costco tables ;-).

Sophie making rolls

Grandma Janice teaching Liza


Sophie concentrating on her gratitude list . . . she came up with 138 things she is grateful for :-).

The best part of the day.

Another Liza creation in anticipation of the big game.  The rest of my family was thrilled to have a recruit . . . if you can't decipher the spelling, it says: "Utah Rocks, I win, BYU stinks like you" - what the?  Just today Liza told us all that yesterday was the happiest day of her life because the Utes beat BYU.  RRRRRR!

Evening card games with grandma . . . bring it on!

Skiing at Solitude with the girls and their friends - Sophie and friend Emily in this picture.


cher said...

Sounds absolutely lovely. Wish my weekend sounded more like yours.... : )

Jenna said...

All you were missing was your little sister--right?!