Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catch-up post #2

2010 Cantera Family Reunion
16 of the 20 Cantera cousins

Unlike my last catch-up post from 2010, our July gathering in Island Park with Chris' family was well documented with plenty of fun pictures.  We began our adventure stopping at Mesa Falls on our way to the cabin on Island Park Reservoir, then after a few days with the Cantera crew our family headed to Yellowstone and drove up to Mammoth and into Gardiner, MT for a day.  Since this was our official "family vacation," it deserves a blog posting. 

So, without further adieu, our summer adventure in pictures (warning: a TON of pics) -
This would be "Bear World," a place we drive by every time we head up to Island Park, but never stop because it looks a little cheesy, but we figured it might be fun to stop and see the bears.  And yes, it's corny and overpriced, but hey, you get to see bears and even a moose up close . . .

and your kids can even pose as "Bear World" bears!

Liza checking out Mesa Falls from the top lookout
Just spectacular!
Checking out the falls

Everyone starting to gather at the cabin

Caroline with our newest cousin, Nick

Liza and cousins on the dock

Yep, the teenagers loved kneeboarding behind Brian's fishing boat - fun times!

Chris entertaining the kids

Little Hannah!

Horseback riding adventure with Grandma Pat . . .
A great trail ride through Harriman State Park and up to the top of this ridge overlooking Island Park

Cousins: Soph, Rachel, Liza, and Becca

No Cantera gathering is complete without SCATTEGORIES!  
And no, Laura, a snowmobile is NOT an appliance ;-).
Becca and Liza enjoying Grandma and Katie's yummy breakfast

Setting up camp for a day of fishing on Henry's Lake
Unfortunately this year we didn't catch ANYTHING - where did all the fish go?

Hangin' at Mack's

The top of Lower Falls (we hiked the North Rim - Liza was a trooper)
Mammoth . . .
Posing in front of the original stone entrance in Gardiner, MT.

What a great vacation!

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Kristin said...

All these pictures of summer are just torture right now! Looks like so much fun. I love how Ryan and Caroline are always arm in arm like best buds. So sweet.

No word from Jana yet. Have fun in the desert!