Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome, welcome

January 1.  January 2.  2011.

Perfect Days, beautiful introduction to the new year and hopefully an omen of goodwill that will continue throughout the rest of the year . . .

  • Spending the morning with Caroline working on her science fair project (topic: How do certain variables in physics contribute to increasing speed in a topspin serve?).  We had a great time at the club timing her serves, however after approximately 150, her arm is more than sore today, ouch.  Top Speed for Miss Caroline = 87 mph.
  • Taking the little girls and the dog sledding.  Watching Lucy hone in on her herding instincts as she followed the kids up the hill, chased them down, and then rounded them up and chased them back up the hill.  Gorgeous day on the neighborhood sledding hill.
  • Catching up with Ryan and watching a little football together after he returned home from yet another fun day spent on the slopes. 
  • FRIENDS.  Enjoying a quick New Year's day visit with dear friends, then receiving another friend's e-mail which included her flight plans from NY for her weekend visit at the end of the month, and then realizing that in two days another close friend will be flying in from Texas and we have an afternoon planned together.  My life wouldn't be complete without my friends! 
  • DATE NIGHT with Chris.  Ahhh, fabulous dinner here at a cozy table by the window, then next door to see what we both agreed to be the best movie of the year, The King's Speech . . . intelligently written, brilliantly acted, and just plain inspiring.  I would love to see Colin Firth receive an Academy Award for his incredible performance.  We talked about this film the entire ride home and realized how it is movies like this that truly elevate and uplift us, how we leave the theater feeling edified and more enlightened than when we entered.  We arrived home that evening to happy children, happy dog, and a messy house . . . but oh, how wonderful it is to spend time together alone, reconnecting after a busy holiday season :-). 
  • Sunday began with a change in church schedule which means we get to sleep in . . . hallelujah!  I also received some welcome news that a change was coming my way.  Today I was released from my callings as Primary pianist and Activity Day leader and called to teach Relief Society as well as the YW sport's director.  OK, as much as I loved primary and working with the children in the ward (5 years), it was definitely time for a change.  Today I could attend Chris' insightful gospel doctrine lesson and then Relief Society in its entirety . . . something I've only been able to do a handful of times since we moved in the ward.  I am really looking forward to these new callings!
  • TESTIMONY meeting.  No travelogs, no never ending stories without a point, no ramblings about family history . . . just beautiful, inspiring, simple testimonies born one after another.  It was truly one of the most spiritual meetings I've ever attended.  I am so grateful for the faith, love, and strength of my fellow ward members and their examples.  I left sacrament meeting today with my own testimony strengthened and a resolve for this new year to continue to increase my personal faith and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, the perfect way to begin 2011.


Michelle said...

Yes, that sounds perfect! I'm so excited for the restaurant/movie recommendation! Rob has the day off tomorrow, so we're looking forward to a day-time date while the kids are at school. :)

Melissa said...

What a perfect start to the new year. I had to laugh because we now have the exact same callings at church - and sleeping in was so nice! I'm making note of the movie, too.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like a great testimony service. I don't think I ever was to one that didn't have one of those "Yawn" points you mentioned.

Kristin said...

Great post. Your new calling will be great!