Friday, September 28, 2012

homecoming 2012

Caroline's first high school dance

Last weekend was homecoming for both our teens, and can I even tell you how much FUN it was having two kids involved, especially a daughter.  From the excitement of getting asked, to picking out the perfect dress and matching shoes, and finally sending her out the door to have the time of her life with all her friends . . . it was truly memorable.  First of all, she looked darling.  Caroline is definitely my daughter - it took her all of 30 minutes to get ready: make-up, hair, dressed, DONE (no fancy curls or manicures for this girl).

She went to the dance with one of my favorite young men on the planet, her best "guy friend" since 6th grade, Jacob.  I love this boy, ADORE this kid, and knew he was the only person good enough to take my girl out on her first date (yes, I'm biased).  One drawback was that his soccer game that afternoon went into overtime and he had to have his mom, along with another couple she was driving, pick up Caroline and bring her flowers - how great is that?!

Although I didn't get to witness her first attempt at pinning on a boutonniere (that would have been comical) and see her date personally pick her up, his mom did email over a boatload of pictures that captured their friendship perfectly as the group gathered before they headed out for dinner (to the Spaghetti Factory of course . . . Caroline thought it was pretty cool that even I ate there before school dances back in the day :).

Here you go - a TON of pics, but I had to post them in succession so I can remember the sweet friendship these two share:

I can hear Caroline saying, "OK, enough my friend!"

Really, aren't these two just so cute!!

Miss Caroline - the life of the party
LOVE this group of kids!

Ryan also went to the dance . . .
Poor Ryan won't get nearly the face time his sister did on this post, but I do remember quite a detailed blog post when it was HIS first dance.  Anyway, I was hoping that more pictures would pop up on Facebook, but unfortunately I only have a few from his Homecoming festivities (all the kids instagram now, and I can't figure out how to pull pics off their instagram - ugh).  He and his friends planned an all day activity, so he took off in shorts and a sweatshirt up to Park City (the picture would have been Ryan holding a hanger with his dress clothes, opening the car door while Chris and I wish him well - not that exciting).  I didn't see him until he made his way back home at 2:30am.

At the football game Friday night
The guys . . . it makes me happy that my son sports a bow tie :).

Part of their crew - they were in a group of 42 - yes, all 21 couple reserved a patio area at a sushi restaurant - oh my.  They even all squeezed into one picture at the dance.
Now, THAT is a pic I want to see!

One memory the kids shared that has no picture, but worth recording:
While at the dance a large group had formed a circle and Ryan was in the center doing his thing (whatever that was - dancing apparently :), and he sauntered up to Caroline who was clapping along with the crowd and took her by the hand, led her to the center of the circle and danced with her. OK, melted my heart to hear that story. I'm pretty sure that gesture meant the world to Caroline . . . 

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Kristi said...

Look at your cute Caroline! She reminds me so much of you. Glad she had fun. Those are such great memories... Ryan looks so grown up, what a handsome kid!