Wednesday, September 12, 2012

that time of year

I keep telling myself that it wasn't that long ago that my friends and I were in the midst of the excitement and anticipation surrounding high school dances.  But ya, reality kicks in and yes indeed it was a few decades ago (ugh) and I really am old enough to have children experiencing similar rituals . . .

and I LOVE it!!  It is so much fun to be involved in the lives of my teens and I've been such a slacker not to record all the creative ways Ryan has asked (or been asked) to dances, let alone keep up with posting a few pictures.  I believe the only dance I've mentioned on the blog was Ryan's sophomore homecoming dance, so I'm going to try and be better at recording these memories.

As for tonight, he was answered by a darling girl named Liza.  He looked out his window and saw her decorating our front yard with glow sticks and ran outside chasing her up the street right after the doorbell rang.  The little girls love getting out of bed and taking part in the action.  It really was so cool - the entire yard lit up with colorful glo-sticks, and I regret not taking a pic from Ryan's window, but managed to get this:

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