Thursday, September 20, 2012

remembering summer

Although fall has grasped hold of my heart right now, I still find myself contemplating summer.  It was a memorable, albeit crazy summer and this is one of my favorite pictures.  I'm not sure how much of "summer 2012 catch-up" I'll be able to do on this blog, but every now and then I want to post a picture that seems to capture one fleeting summer memory.

I snapped this photo of Liza one evening in Island Park, Idaho.  I remember the moment well.  We had spent the afternoon kayaking on the river and met up with friends at Mack's that evening before dinner.  My friend Kristin and I sat chatting on the shore of the river while Liza, ever diligent in collecting minnows from the dock, took a moment to relax and let the sun bathe her warm, tan skin in the late afternoon light.

If I could capture the beauty and tranquility of our annual week in Island Park in one photo, this would be it.

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