Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Poor, picked on Sophie

This blog aptly describes Sophie as "our drama queen" which is no exaggeration whatsoever. This summer with all the sibling closeness (i.e. they are all stuck with each other all day) that's going on at our house, I am desperately trying to keep Sophie's tattling to a minimum. Really folks, the other day after hearing "guess what he said . . . " or "she did this to me . . . " twenty times before breakfast I had to come up with a plan. Remember, if you look at Sophie wrong or say the wrong thing, or heaven forbid sweetly ask her to practice piano, she takes it a tad too personally and tells you immediately that you are the "WORST MOM EVER!!" Then if she sees you stifling a laugh, you get fits of screaming and crying . . . . ahhhh, parenting.

So, in the mode of trying to stay positive and not let her constant rants drive me insane I came up with a plan the other day, and to my surprise, it's actually working. I believe it was Saturday, when the sibling togetherness gets a little too much for our Sophie and she could use some space. Anyway, i doubt the sun had even come up and she was well on her way to explaining every injustice committed to her since she went to bed. I told her "enough of this . . . from now on, unless there is BLOOD, i don't want to hear about it, so here is some paper and a pencil and a box - every time someone does something you don't like, you WRITE it down and put it in the box then we'll discuss your grievances in a day or two."

It was no surprise by the end of the day that the little box was stuffed with scraps of paper explaining all her gripes. It was pretty funny and I just have to share a few favorites. So, here you go - Sophie's own words, spelling, & punctuation:

1. Caroline punched me and poped my muceuls! (I believe that's "popped my muscles" - what the??)

2. Liza coffed in my face.

3. Ryan was mean!

4. Liza frew my baby doll down.

5. One time Caroline lefet me out. (meaning: "This happened a long time ago, but I will never forget and I'm going to hold it against her until I'm 30.")


Marti said...

LOL!! I don't mean to laugh at her 'misfortunes''s just she sounds a lot like my little Abby. Unfortunately, Abby doesn't know how to write yet so your rather brilliant idea won't work for me yet. But Sophie's 'list' is pretty cute.

Linda said...

Thanks for great idea. The summer tends to feel really long when all the kids do is fight with each other. Sophie's list is really cute!! We may need to bring Sophie's box to use at the family reunion next week--hopefully not for the adults!!