Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a split personality thing

OK, so I hope I didn't sound too negative in describing Sophie's behavior lately because as you all know, on her good days she's an absolute joy to have around, as I described in this post back in April. She is so funny, one moment you just want to squeeze her to death because she's so loving and sweet, and a split second later you want to put her up for adoption! On the days I'm not the "worst mom ever," I'm the "best mom ever" and the days she doesn't want to go live at Annabelle's house, she couldn't dream of being away from our family. Anyway, I keep one of Sophie's cute little notes up on a bulletin board in our kitchen and yesterday I walked past and read it once again and figured the kid deserves a break, which for her came in the form of extra attention from Mom, a trip to the library, and lots of piggyback rides around the house :-).


Nici said...

Hello Julie! I love the list of Elizabeth's pets, it cracks me up.

Kelly said...

I find Sophie to be delightful company as long as I don't call her "BABY". She has been challenging me on that for over two years now.