Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday night, after 20 long years, the Police finally returned to SLC. The last time they were here, I missed Sting in all his 80s glory. However, he couldn't have looked better and this time Chris and I were among thousands in the mid-30 to mid-50 age range who came to watch Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland work their magic . . . our 13-year old and his friend were as excited as all the oldtimers. What a concert it was - amazing, AMAZING! It's one of those rare moments when it's completely acceptable to behave just like the teenagers in the crowd, if only for a couple hours, and believe me, I took full advantage of that those hours :-). We were lucky to be with such a fun group of great friends . . . we were on our feet the entire time and it was sweet to attend with my son and watch Ryan and his friends groove with the beat as well. Good times had by all!
So, as we were singing Police tunes in the car driving out of the parking lot we suddenly found ourselves in an unfortunate fender-bender. For the whole story, visit this blog. I was so happy that the cute girls we hit had a camera since I forgot mine, so I stole this pic from her blog (I just HAD to get a pic of Ryan and Sam in their concert t-shirts). We made two more friends and even discovered that one of them was in the same Nutcracker cast as my daughter - small world.
Just to rub it in a little more for those of you who missed out - here's the set list:
Message in a Bottle
Walking on the Moon
Demolition Man
Voices Inside My Head/When the World is
Running Down
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Driven to Tears
Hole in My Life
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Wrapped Around Your Finger
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Invisible Sun
Can't Stand Losing You/Regatta de Blanc
First Encore: Roxanne, King of Pain, So Lonely, Every Breath You Take
Second Encore: Next to You


Michelle said...

It WAS amazing! Thanks again for saving us grass space!

christensen crew said...

Julie, thank you! You are an angel and a true friend. I really appreciate last week, it meant more to me than you'll ever know! I am lucky to know you and Have you as a great example to look to.

BTW, I am so jealous that I missed this concert. It sounds AMAZING! How fun, and how fun to have Ryan come too. What cool parents!

{sara} said...
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{sara} said...

ahh! it was a great concert! all the people around hayley and i kept asking how old we were and if we chose to come to the concert on purpose! i loved it!!

i'm glad we got to meet! and hopefully your cute daughter will be making another appearance in our nutcracker again! :]

Kelly said...

Sounds fun, Julie. Did Chris go, or just you and Ryan and friends?

Julie said...

Yep, Chris was there too . . . guess i should have explained that better - he was the one who took the picture :-).

Kelly said...

One of the things I love most about Chris is his love of music. I'll never forget the night Kevin and I went to Neil Young at the Delta Center. We were loving him and rocking in the "bleacher" seats and we saw Chris down on the floor loving and rocking on his own. He was single then, and we didn't know he was there until we saw him. We were just watching him from above as much as we were watching Neil. When we went to Wolf Mountain (that's what it was called back then) for Neil's solo acoustic concert we didn't know he was there until we talked later in the year. I freakin love Chris's taste in music Julie, I have to tell you, though, when Kevin and I first were dating back in 1987, we borrowed Chris's album's to record some stuff when we got our new stereo. On his Pretender album on the back side, showed a photo of a young child playing in the surf along with a poem by Pablo Neruda. Chris had that 2-3 year old child's bum covered up with a piece of black tape like it was Rodin's "The Kiss" at a BYU exhibit or something.....

Julie said...

Believe me, the "tape over the bum" incident is a classic - I love hearing that story! Did you guys ever see "Heart of Gold?" It premiered at Sundance a few years ago. Chris said it was a religious experience watching Neil perform - you'll love it, it will move you to tears it's that beautiful.

Jennifer said...

My daughter has raved about how darling your family is - I'm so glad she had nice people to hang out with after the accident!

Sara says your son will be a Bantam next year - we still have another year of PeeWee's (and Squirts for the younger brother), but hopefully our paths will cross soon!