Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Day Weekend

The 24th weekend was spent up at the lake with my sister Jenna who was visiting from Oregon with her two little ones (Avery & Miriam) while Bryan was in China. So, we made it a girls trip and left Ryan and Chris home to spend some "male bonding time" eating fast food every night, going skating to hone their hockey skills, playing guitar, and seeing the new Batman movie. Ryan loved having dad all to himself. While they guys were hanging, we gals were having some good times of our own:

Caroline and cousin Shelby McDougal (our newest cousin, adopted from the Ukraine in February). Caroline really enjoyed getting to know Shelby better on this trip.
Caroline flying thanks to Michael's "let's see how long they can hold on until they wipe out" skills.
Cousins in the tent (with mom) - they loved it!
Sophie just couldn't get enough of her little cousin, Miriam.
Jenna, Miriam, and Avery . . . her kids thought the lake was the greatest!
Time out of the sun with fun activites on grandma's "toy blanket."
Liza and Avery deep in conversation while grandpa plays frisbee with Sara's dog.
Shelby, Heidi, and Sophie on the boat. We love our Howick cousins!
Julie proving to her kids and the young punks in the boat that she can still waterski. However, I didn't let them in on the aches and pains that made it almost impossible to get out of bed the next morning ;-). Oh, and I STILL can't straighten my left arm out completely . . . and don't tell me it's because i'm getting old. OK, you're right, it IS because i'm getting old and my joints for some reason haven't got the message that I still want to do all the same activities I did 20 years ago without any pain!


Michelle said...

Julie, we went waterskiing on the 24th too, and I'm laughing with you about sore muscles and joints—maybe my aging will help me appreciate the freezing (anti-inflammatory) Bear Lake water. :) We're going up this week, I can't wait!

Kelly said...

Julie, wow, what a great summer you guys are having. You look wonderful on water skis and you are in great shape, you little cutie.

AD said...

Hi Julie,

So glad you made a comment on my blog......I had forgotten how you said you check the packham sisters' blogs every now and then. It's going to be nice to visit yours and see how things are going for you. Love the Police post, by the way. How did everything work with the accident after the concert? I noticed you have listed on your favorite music Nanci Griffith. I am a LONG time fan of hers. We will have to go to that concert together too someday. Hope to see ya soon!