Monday, August 10, 2009

Bal-ance [bal-uh ns]:

mental steadiness or emotional stability;
habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

"Finding balance," "needing balance," "out of balance," "feeling balanced". . . phrases that, if you know me, know I use on a regular basis. You would think I'm a tight-rope walker or something! Speaking of tight-rope walking, you've got to see this movie, we watched it last night as a family and the kids were mesmorized, they loved it (just be ready to jump up in front of the TV during the silly, oh so French, moment in the hotel room ;-).

OK, back to the thought at hand. Last week I was feeling very out of balance, needing something to equalize my energy and I knew exactly what was missing, what I needed, and how as each day passed, I could not find the hour or two that it would take to calm my soul and restore peace. It was the week before Sophie's birthday, the last week of July, and the weekend before was our family trip at the Lake. I was on edge, I could feel it, and the strangest part is that during this time of year my consciousness knows and is fully aware that it's the most beautiful time of year in our canyons and it is exactly where I'm supposed to be. So when I can't get there, I'm not myself.

I finally made it happen. The morning of Sophie's birthday I went trail running to jump start the weekend and thankfully made it back before the birthday girl woke up. The next day I grabbed the girls and hiked Big Cottonwood knowing full well the wildflowers were in bloom and crossing my fingers we hadn't missed the best of them. Plus, just the smell of fresh pine, the sound of rushing water, and the surrounding beauty would restore balance to anyone. The following day the entire family visited Albion Basin where the flowers and mountains in the evening were absolutely stunning. Then two days later I took the little girls up for an evening hike on the quarry trail and was in awe as the setting sun reflected it's warm glow through the aspens on those towering granite walls.

Breathtaking, energizing, rejuvenating, liberating . . .

Balanced once again.


gina said...

You are a NATURE girl! That is so awesome. You are in tune with what you need, why you feel the way you do, and how to remedy times lacking balance. Sometimes I feel that irritable energy and don't know why or what to do about it. I wish I was more in tune with my own.

Your inspiring hike descriptions make me want to get on the mountain!

Marti said...

Nature does have a way of bringing peace and I think it's because being out there with family combines all of those things needed to achieve balance; physical, spiritual and emotional.

I hope Sophie's birthday and baptism were wonderful. I'm glad you posted the invitation-it turned out great!

Julie said...

Gina - click on the last few words and you'll see all the pics from our hikes. Let's plan a fall hike together when the kids are in school - great time catch up and enjoy the mountains!

Kristin said...


sadly, a hike in the mountains would only give me a heart attack...

Joan - Nichols and Co. said...

Thank you for reminding me about balance - I have gotten out of it lately and I needed this reminder thank you!
PS I love U2! and what a nice treat it was to listen to it as I read your blog!