Sunday, August 30, 2009


We made it half way across the world to this amazing country. I tagged along with Chris and a couple of his co-workers to Bangalore where his company has an office. India is a place I've dreamed of visiting for at least the past 15 years and I'm still pinching myself that I actually made it! I love the culture, the people, the smells, the food, the music - everything. Everyone is so polite and I'm getting pretty used to being called "madame." Now if I can just teach my kids to say, "yes ma'am," "how is madame this morning?"or "would madame care for a drink?" I would be living the good life ;-).

Getting here wasn't nearly as horrible as I thought it would be (I actually slept for over half of our 13 hour flight from Atlanta to Dubai. Chris had me so frightened by his descriptions of the "torturous" flight, that I was expecting something MUCH worse. Oh, it did help to have an empty seat next to me as well :-). So, after almost 30 hours since we left our home for the airport we arrived at our hotel - a beautiful, relaxing oasis in the middle of bustling India. We feel like we're staying in the middle of the jungle in a British colonial plantation at the turn of the century. Poor Chris, he has to work all week while I relax, shop, and go sight-seeing. Oh well, we'll have the weekend and we did enjoy a wonderful day together yesterday.
I'm soaking it all in and will write and post pictures soon. FREAK - our housekeeper guy just stopped by with an arrangement of fresh flowers for our room - seriously, I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to normal life after this trip!

CLICK HERE for pictures . . . CLICK HERE for even more pictures.


Joan - Nichols and Co. said...

Yeah! Your invitation worked!!!!

Now how awesome is India? Ever since I started to do yoga 15 years ago I started to wonder about that country. Then when I started to teach yoga 9 years ago I thought I would like to go. After reading "Eat, Pray, Love" I thought I would love to go to an ashram but I have to admit I was a bit frightened to. I have been blessed to have befriends a few Indian women that I teach and have grown to love and they have inspired me to keep that thought of India someday still alive. Keep posting photos "Madam!"

Have a safe and fun trip!

Kristin said...

your hotel is amazing. I could definitely get used to that lifestyle. glad your flight was good, have a great week!!

Marti said...

My friend used to live in Dubai. She would fly here and back with her 4 children-all under the age of 9. Usually without the help of her husband.

Kristi said...


Enjoy! Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

Kristen said...

What an amazing experience Julie! Thanks for sharing what you find - it may be as close as I'll ever get :)

gina said...

Can't wait to see all your pictures and to hear some stories. What a fun adventure - and fun to share it with your husband. Take care! Eat some Indian food for me!! (does it taste the same?)