Sunday, August 16, 2009


Fast, expensive, rarely seen sport cars - this is our 5-year old daughter's latest fixation. Seriously. It's been going on for months now and at first we thought it was just a whim, but the other day when I had to calm her down after she hurt herself by looking at Ferraris on the computer, or when, on our way to Bear Lake she announced that if we were driving a Ferrari we wouldn't feel all the bumps in the road and we would get there much faster, or how she wants a poster of a yellow Ferrari in her room, I knew we're talking about more than a passing whim.
It all started in the spring when a bright red Ferrari whizzed past us and Liza gasped, "whoa, did you see that CAR?!! What was that?" Now she is constantly on the look-out for anything that looks remotely close to a Ferrari and she's driving us crazy with her nonstop inquiries . . . "was that a Corvette or a Ferrari? . . . "WAIT, slow down, I think I saw a Ferrari!" . . . "Ooooh, did you see that car? Oh, it's not a Ferrari, it's a Porche, what's a Porche?" . . . "Is that car a Ferrari, a Corvette, or a Porche???" It's getting ridiculous.

So, tonight we went on a walk over to this neighbor whom I've never met, but who collects these types of cars and keeps them in a special garage, just hoping he would be out front washing one (hopefully the Ferrari). Liza thought we were going on the greatest field trip ever, but unfortunately the garage wasn't open and we didn't get a peek, but now I know exactly what I'll use next time I need to bribe the kid. Seriously.


Kristin said...

At least she's not blowing her allowance on her 'littlest pet shop' fixation... just buy her a poster and be glad she's no where near driving age...
Oh, and pray that this does not indicate the expense of her tastes from now on!

Marti said...

Random. She has the funniest little personality!