Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good for the soul

Who else but Jackson Browne?  For today, because I'm in the mood to share one of those songs that never fails to sooth a weary heart and relax the soul.  The first time I heard this song (credit to Chris who put together a live cd collection of JB acoustic for an anniversary gift last year) I think I almost cried, it was that peaceful  . . . yep, his music is that good.  So, to anyone out there who could just use a minute of peace today, sit back, close your eyes, and listen . . .

 . . . aahhh, thanks Jackson :-).

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Kelly said...

Thanks Julie, I enjoyed the pictures almost as much as I enjoyed Jackson's piano. I have never seen most of those. Very nice. I came on to your blog to see if you were going to a concert tomorrow night. I think you told me about "One" the sundance movie. I'm working for someone tomorrow so she can go see the band that was in that movie. She seemed to love them like you seemed to when you were telling me about it last year. (I hope I'm remembering that right). Anyway, I hope you and Chris have another terrific concert on the horizon. Thanks again for posting J.B.