Monday, August 2, 2010

What we've been up to this summer . . .

Alright, time for the elusive "catch-up" blog post - hey, I'm on a roll here.  It's exactly midnight and I told myself I needed to get up for a run in the morning, but what the hay, I've already written two posts and figured it's time to burn the midnight oil and have some fun!  I have a feeling my run will have to take place tomorrow evening :-).


First off, what would summer be without plenty of pool time?  We've spent just about every saturday at the club as a family, plus swimming lessons at our neighbor's beautiful backyard pool.  Thanks Megan for teaching the girls!
Dance recitals.  Caroline danced beautifully in her performance (unfortunately the pictures I took were part of those that are forever lost), and Sophie and friend Carli were a darling little hunters in the ballet "Snow White."  I enjoyed a good run with my daughters, but now, after years of ballet performances, Nutcracker, and all those classes, both have opted to focus on sports.  It was a good run and Liza at the moment has absolutely no desire to dance.  Chris is very pleased with the wise choices his daughters have made ;-).
Father's Day.  I love my DAD!  My parents were in town, so it was great to have my dad and mom over for a bbq, along with my brother and his latest girlfriend.  The day before Father's Day, they took Ryan golfing - it was his first time golfing 18 holes.  He just began playing this summer and has really enjoyed it - thanks to my dad for handing over his old clubs so Ryan can learn and develop a love for the game!

Track Meets.  I decided to sign Sophie and Liza up on a local track team for the summer to keep them active and try something new.  Sophie liked it and did really well, even placing 2nd in 400m at the all-county meet!  Liza, however, endured it . . . we're still trying to find her "thing."  So far, no luck.  Just tonight Caroline suggested she try karate!

Concerts!  Paul McCartney rolled into town a few weeks ago and Chris was sure to find some amazing tickets to see this living legend and share the experience with Ryan and Caroline.  However, Caroline was at girls' camp that week, so our friend Deja joined in the fun.  It was an amazing, AMAZING concert experience, truly one of the greatest concerts I've ever attended (even better than the last time we saw McCartney perform about 8 years ago).  It was fun to be part of so much energy on a beautiful summer evening.  Chris is also taking Ryan to see RUSH this week, and I'm hoping to catch John Mayer and possible Jack Johnson later this summer . . . we absolutely love outdoor summer concerts.  Ah, memories of Jackson Browne last summer in Deer Valley, or The Police two years ago.  Seriously, what is summer without a fabulous concert on a warm evening under the stars??

4th and 24th of July spent up at Bear Lake.  Really, what isn't to love about illegal artillery fireworks set off near the beach and giant sparklers lit in the firepit?  S'mores, cousins, tubing, sand castles, trampoline, scary movies under the stars, volleyball, capture-the-flag, FOOD, bike rides, homemade ice-cream, family, incredible sunsets, and staying up late around the fire . . . all of what makes Bear Lake so special and one of the most incredible places on earth.  Here are a few pics from this summer's adventures:

The kids making their way down to the beach for some fun in the sand (mud).

What would the lake be without the tramp??

Sophie flying high

Getting ready to take the kids out tubing.

Caroline, Ryan, and cousin Berkley heading to a Bear Lake dance

Evening is here . . . love the fire!

FIREWORKS - thanks to my cousin Michael

Plenty of beach time . . . or mud, whatever, it's Bear Lake.

Good friends, great memories . . .  every summer!

YES . . . it's that wonderful.  We love Bear Lake!!

Alright, it's past my bedtime.  I'll save the Cantera fun up in Island Park for another post.  The rest of the summer has been taken up with Skyline summer hockey games (the play-offs begin this week), LAX camps, tennis lessons, my tennis league & marathon training (ran 22 miles last week - yipee!), hiking, night games, summer reading (oh ya, bring on the Hunger Games), and still trying sell the house (really slow right now, which is fine, it's too crazy to get the house ready to show anyway).

Life is good, Chris is home (he's been in China for the past week), and we're happy . . . exhausted, but happy :-).

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Kristin said...

Your summer is crazy busy, but looks like tons of fun.
BTW, thanks for making me cry (last post). I hadn't seen that video yet.