Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come again?

Ahhh, the things that escape out of Liza's mouth on a daily basis that aren't being recorded!!  Since my blog has been hit or miss, I'm starting today to once again "catch up," and what a perfect way to begin then by mentioning a few sentences that offer a tiny glimpse into the mind and character of Liza Jane . . .
  • After getting dressed, she announces:  "This is so cool, my outfit matches my blood!!" (yesterday, she took a spill on her bike where the handle bar gouged her neck, and yes, her top matched the red scrape quite nicely).
This next conversation happened within minutes of the excitement surrounding her fashion discovery . . .
  • At lunch I was asking the girls what they would like to drink, it sounded something like this: "Caroline, what can I get for you?"  "I'll have cranberry juice . . "  "Sophie, how about you?"  "Cranberry juice, thanks."  Before I get a chance to even ask Liza, she hits us with this come again moment:  . . . "I'll have a beer."
Seriously child, where that came from we'll never know, but this much we do know, it's never a dull moment you around, and no Liza, you can't have a beer!

Our toothless wonder


Marti said... funny!

ps-I love her shirt.

Kristin said...

I'll join her. Maybe we can get sloshed together. Don't worry Mom, I won't let her drive drunk.