Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out with a B-A-N-G

Well, summer is officially coming to a close.  The kids begin school tomorrow and we all agree that it's been an amazing summer.  Really, this past week has been so relaxing . . . busy, but in it's own way very relaxing (partially attributed to my I.T. band making it impossible to train, so therefore, no early morning runs :-).  Ryan and Chris were hanging out together on Ess Lake in Michigan fishing, hiking, canoeing, swimming, with nightly "manly movies," and male bonding thrown in as well.

The little girls and I finished up our swim lessons at the club (yes, "our" lessons - I took an adult swim class with the master, Tommy Thorum, and definitely gained a new found appreciation for swimmers - phew, it about did me in, but I really loved how great I felt after those killer workouts), we also squeezed in a few more outings, spent time at the courts watching Caroline compete in a local tennis tournament, finalized all the kids' school registrations, enjoyed some playful afternoons at the club pool, and ended our week with a Bees baseball game and fireworks last night.  I'm now ready for school to start and maybe a nap ;-).

Some pics from our final week of SUMMER . . .

Tommy instructing the little ones . . .

"OK, Liza, let's go over this one more time . . ."

Caroline serving during the finals . . . best I could do through the fence!
Smacking the ball so hard she's off the ground!

Caroline and friends Sophie and Hannah - annual "end of summer Snowbird outing"

We brought the teens up some lunch and stayed to hike and ride the alpine slide.

Our favorite walk at Snowbird - beautiful flowers!

At the game

After the fireworks . . . good-bye summer!

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