Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2010 Catch-up post #3


I thought I'd be finished with my "catch-up" posts by the end of January, but unfortunately I still have a couple left.  So, in celebration of winter and since we are currently in the midst of the 2011 ski season, I'll write today's post on last year's season and why it was so special.

Hmmm, not just "special," rather monumental because for the first time since Ryan was born we could ALL ski together, yep, all six of us could ride up the same lifts and ski the same runs  . . . it was a long awaited moment, but last March as we ascended Snowbasin's Needles Express gondola, and then stood together at the top of the hill for a quick picture, I realized this long awaited dream finally came true.  Every person on skis with no complaining that it's too cold, or someone's too tired, or our struggle with boredom on the bunny hill.  For our family (especially me since Chris only skis a couple times a year), this was a HUGE milestone. 

Now this year, Liza stays right up with mom and Sophie has ventured off on her latest adventure - tackling black diamonds.  We have Caroline to thank for that one.  She thought it would be hilarious to take Sophie down "Challenger" at Solitude and watch her struggle and complain since I wasn't around for a rescue operation.  However, Sophie made it down with a smile and probably gained the greater satisfaction by proving her big sister wrong :-).

Some pictures from ski season 2010 . . .

Liza in lessons at Alta

Chris taking it easy on Sunnyside with Liza

FINALLY . . . riding the chairlift together - beyond the bunny hill.

Liza beginning to make her way down the "big kids hill."

Pinch me - they are finally able to ski with FRIENDS - liberation!

And the best part . . . breaking for lunch on the plaza (Brighton last year).


Kristin said...

I'm green w/ envy. I am soooo bored skiing with my beginners, I think PC should pay ME, instead of the other way around!

Melissa said...

That is worth a celebration! We are still a ways off since Peter isn't even 2 yet, but I am beginning to have hope that one day, maybe, we will all ski together. The 6 of us that do ski can at least ride up on lifts together, it's just sometimes slow going on the downhill part. Shawn wrote a whole post on this very thing. (theskinnystring.blogspot.com) It's pretty entertaining.

Michelle said...

Melissa beat me to the punch. I was going to say, you're living Shawn's ski dream! That is monumental.

It was great to see you today, I'd love to go out next week! Although lunch (or breakfast) might be better—we have something going on every single night. I hate it when that happens.