Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tell me exactly HOW I'm going to pull this off . . .

Next Wednesday.

Caroline's tennis from 5 - 6:30pm (downtown)
Pick up Sophie's tennis carpool at 7pm (Sugarhouse)
The girls' federation piano recital begins at 7:30pm (Murray)

Oh wait, I'm the YW sports director and we have basketball games at 6:30 AND 7:30pm (Sandy)

Oh, oh, oh, this just in:  Ryan's high school hockey team will play in the next round of the state play-offs at 7:45pm (U of U).

I'll patiently await the arrival of my clone Wednesday afternoon :-).


Kristin said...

LOL! If ANYONE could do it Julie YOU can! Good luck girlfriend!

Melissa said...

I think you may have to bring Chris in on the action - and maybe a few others as well. Good luck.

Julie said...

Yep Melissa, he is in the action - he's the hockey dad and will take ryan to the rink early, then we'll meet to watch the game. GOOD NEWS - the hockey game was just changed to 5:30pm . . . we just might have this under control!!