Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kindred Spirits

"Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
~ Anne Shirley ~ 
(Anne of Green Gables)

This evening I found myself engaged in yet another thoughtful conversation with our ever perceptive teenage daughter.  Sometimes I wonder if moving closer to schools and activities might hinder some of these precious discussions that seem to take shape slowly and deliberately during our 20 minutes of time together in the car.

Of course, what was on Caroline's mind is all too familiar: why we "click" so easily with some people, and others we just don't feel much of a connection, even when they are wonderful people.  I believe it's a question everyone asks.  I find it interesting that the most popular post on this blog is entitled "Soul Connection" which includes an insightful quote on the meaning of these connections, these kindred spirits we occasionally run across during our sojourn here on earth.  Every day my blog receives several hits from google with people searching "soul connection" . . . "what is a soul connection?" . . . "do soul connections exist?" etc.

Our conversation this evening gave me an opportunity to reflect on those unique friendships that have been so meaningful, and help Caroline understand that she will always have these soul connections throughout her life, and most importantly that they will find her when she least expects them and when she needs them the most.  It was rewarding for me to hear which friends of hers she is experiencing this deep bond with at the moment, and how they are influencing her life.  Also, to share with her the special friendships of my own and how I stumbled upon these kindred spirits with whom there was an immediate connection, be it at age seven or thirty-seven.

A month or so ago while listening to a book review on NPR, the author noted, "Our deepest desire is that others will see us as we see ourselves."  I think that is what a soul connection is at it's core.  It's those rare souls who can look directly into our hearts, know who we are, build us up, and love us despite our weaknesses and frailties.  As Jackson Browne so eloquently reminds me in this line from his introspective song, These Days:  "Don't confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them."

How blessed we are to be led to those who overlook our faults, help us grow, and consistently remind us of our strengths.

So, to all the kindred spirits that I have found, and to those I have yet to meet, I thank you for your friendship, love, example, spirit, patience, advice, laughter, and wisdom . . .

May my daughter ever be so blessed.

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Kristin said...

beautifully put. worth the car trips.