Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've wanted to post some quotes and thoughts on Sundays for some time now because it seems like a nice way to express what is on my mind and focus on an attribute I would like to develop more fully.  So, beginning today I'm going to try post something that might help us all turn our hearts to those things that are truly most important in life.

Some beautiful quotes on forgiveness . . .

"I believe it is our solemn duty to love one another, to believe in each other, to have faith in each other, that it is our duty to overlook the faults and the failings of each other, and not magnify them in own eyes nor before the eyes of the world.  We ought not harbor feelings one against another, but have a feeling of forgiveness and of brotherly love and sisterly love, one for another."
Joseph F. Smith

"Love can conquer all.  Kindness is the best panacea for our ills this world has ever known.  Forgiveness is so Godlike that if we are willing to exercise it we will acquire a divine characteristic which will lead the way to complete understanding."
Mark E. Peterson

"If you have festering sores, a grudge, some bitterness, disappointment, or jealousy, 
get hold of yourself.  You may not be able to control things out there with others, 
but you can control things here, inside of you . . .  
If you resent someone for something he or she has done, or failed to do - forget it.  
We call that forgiveness.  It is powerful spiritual medicine."
Boyd K. Packer

"Not to be revengeful, not to seek what outraged justice might demand, to leave the offender in God's hands - this is admirable.  But to return good for evil, this is the sublime expression of Christian love."
Spencer W. Kimball

"There is no peace in harboring old grudges.
There is no peace in reflecting on the pain of old wounds.
There is peace only in repentance and forgiveness.  
This is the sweet peace of the Christ, who said,
'Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.'"
 (Matt. 5:9) - Gordon B. Hinckley

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Kristi said...

Your blog is always a favorite... love the peeks into your home and family life. I always come away feeling inspired and uplifted. :)