Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lucky #7

March 13th our miss Elizabeth Jane turned seven years oldWhere has the time gone?  She is truly growing up right before our eyes, yet despite her becoming a little more mature, she still manages to keep us entertained like no other.  Here's the shortlist of why we love Liza:
  • Always happy, always a smile on her face.
  • Random, random, random.  We never know what will escape that child's mouth.
  • She still can't pronounce her "th" sound, and because she's the baby of the family, I just love hearing her say "fing" instead of "thing" or "fousand" instead of thousand, and of course "faif" instead of "faith."  The day will soon be here when she'll have flawless speech, but I'm in no rush.
  • Constantly asking questions and then storing the answers in her amazing memory.  Liza is beyond inquisitive, she is becoming a walking encyclopedia!
  • Liza is never bored, ever.  She entertains herself for hours and her creativity baffles us all.
  • She is filled with light, love, and joy . . .
Here are a few pics from last week's birthday celebration:

She was VIP in her first grade class and brought in this poster

Opening presents in the morning - after her favorite birthday breakfast - CREPES!

Grandma Pat came to celebrate - she even made the birthday cake and a little cake just for Liza!


Blowing out the candles

Enjoying cake and ice cream with the birthday girl - Grandpa Terry was in town to celebrate too, he helped Liza pick out her BIG birthday present and gave her a new helmet to go with it . . .

Liza finally got her own "big kid bike" with gears so she can keep up with the rest of us!

We can't keep her off this bike and Lucy has something to chase full time now!

One happy girl :-)

No birthday post for Liza would be complete without sharing a conversation we shared the week of her birthday.  An exchange with my random daughter that just needs to be written down for posterity:

Liza: "Mom, does it hurt when they cut open the moms to get the babies out?"  You were cut open, right?  Can I see where they cut open your stomach?"

Me: "Well, actually I was only cut open once, for Ryan . . . the rest of you came the normal way?"  And anyway, you can't really see the scar anymore, it's pretty low."  At this moment I point to my lower pelvis area . . . just figured she might as well know where they "cut you open."

Liza:  "Ewww, down there???  Why so low, that's like, um, like your bum!  What's the normal way??"

Me: I'm thinking - great, I guess she's ready to know exactly where the babies come out, so I gave her a sterilized explanation . . .

Liza:  "Ewww, that's so gross.  I wish I were a boy . . . no wait, no I don't . . . .  if I were a boy then I would have to be circumcised . . . oh, and even worse, oh, this is so disgusting . . . at this point she becomes all serious and lowers her voice as if she has some secret information she is divulging for my ears only . . . you know, boys have their thing down there that they have to squeeze to get the pee out of, like a cow . . . that is just so gross, I can't believe boys have to do that!"

Me:  Failing miserably at keeping a straight face.  "Um, well, that's not exactly what happens there . . . "

Liza:  Interrupting my explanation, "I mean REALLY, couldn't the babies just come out of my hand or just pop out of my bellybutton or something . . . I am SO not having babies!"

Oh, how we love our Liza.


Michelle said...

Oh, this made me laugh. Liza is a gem.

Kristin said...

HI-larious! TIme for the 'talk'? LOL. So funny. Thanks for the laugh today!