Tuesday, March 1, 2011


They did it!  

Last night Ryan's team won the state championship in an incredible game against Bingham.  It came down to the wire in overtime and don't think I can adequately describe the elation we felt watching the Skyline Eagles defend their title, especially after such an intense game.   Ryan was thrilled to be part of this amazing and talented team and couldn't contain his excitement as he raced out on the ice to celebrate.

They now head to Chicago in a few weeks to play in the national championship!

and the best part . . . 

recognition from the ladies :-).


Kristin said...

That's great! congrats to Ryan and his team!

(and yeah for you, one less thing on your busy schedule!)

Julie said...

Thanks Kristin . . . as for one less thing, well, let's just say Ryan didn't miss a beat and was at lacrosse practice first thing after school yesterday - SIGH - that kid! The good news: he starts DRIVING next month :-).

Deja said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Ryan! Also, Julie, he looks *just* like you in that last picture!