Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Nope, no time for 4-leaf clover hunting, but I did manage to create green Belgian waffles this morning and we will have our traditional corned beef and cabbage with homemade green rolls for dinner (really, the world would come to an end for the children if I failed to make these silly rolls).  I doubt we'll even all make it home before 8pm, but since it's an Irish holiday and we have absolutely no Irish ancestry, it still means that WE WILL EAT TOGETHER at the table at the same time.

That, my friends is what we call a midweek miracle :-).


Kristin said...

Green rolls? You're amazing!

cher said...

You crack me up. :) My green crepes with strawberries and green whipped cream kinda grossed me out. They tasted good, but some food is meant to be beautiful - not green. (Umm. That was our dinner, not breakfast.)

lyn. said...

I made a "green" salad to go with our corned beef and cabbage: kiwi, honeydew, and green grapes... :-D