Monday, March 14, 2011

Why ski?

Unparalleled BEAUTY . . . 
the spectacular view from the Great Western lift at Brighton

Heading up Powderhorn at Solitude

The view from Mineral Basin at Snowbird

Couldn't resist this shot while on Apex (Solitude) one afternoon earlier this season.

The spectacular BLUE skies.  Snowbird last week - unreal - I've never seen blue this color before, it was practically purple and my camera phone hardly does it justice.  And yes, my friend and I had just skied down that ridge (after getting lost and realizing it was the only way down - had to take a pic to commemorate the occasion ;-).

Solitude with the crew and cousins.

 mentally, physically, emotionally.  


Kathryn said...

OK Julie, I am incredibly jealous right now! Those are gorgeous photos, and those are the only kind of days I like to ski! Enjoy!!

Melissa said...

That's why I love to ski, too! I'm hoping for a couple more good ski days before spring is too far upon us.