Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My daughter, my concert buddy!

Last week I learned that one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Joshua Radin was in town (yes, it happened to be the DAY of the performance - I have no idea where I was that I missed this tour date).  After some deliberation if I should really be spontaneous and a little careless of other responsibilities, I thought I would first run it by his number one 13-year old fan.

Well, there was absolutely no question that WE WERE GOING after I mentioned the concert to Caroline when she arrived home from school. So, with a few phone calls to take care of Sophie's tennis carpool (thanks Lori for taking over) and what was supposed to be a quick stop at Smith's to pick up tickets on our way to drop off Ryan at Jiu Jitsu (our car battery died while I was in the store - had to have a neighbor - thanks AMY - drive down to give us a jump start and we lost a precious half hour of what would have translated into a spot closer to the stage).

The good news is that we made it just in time to discover another beautiful songwriter,  Laura Jansen. Caroline fell in love with her voice immediately and can't wait for the release of her first album on March 22nd. Laura even personally signed a CD single of her song Single Girls for Caroline. She was THRILLED!

I find it refreshing that in today's teen culture and in the midst of "Bieber Fever," my daughter enjoys Indie music and seeks out new, fresh voices that encompass pure talent rather than the karaoke clones cranked out by major recording studios. When most 13-year old girls are waiting in line with other swooning teen fans to see latest Justin Beiber 3D movie, Caroline would rather go to a small, intimate concert venue with unbelievable acoustics, listening to talented artists who write their own music and lyrics.   And the sweetest part is that, at least for now, she doesn't mind attending with her mom :-).

Some more pics (taken from my lousy phone camera - better than nothing) . . .

We were able to get closer for Radin's performance - he was delightful and sounded AMAZING!

After the concert - Caroline next to a poster for Laura Jansen

What fun - let's do it again my friend!!

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Kristin said...

That is so great! She must be an 'old soul', and with a mom as cool as you, I'm sure she'll always want to go to concerts w/ you!

BTW -- I am boycotting your last post. Swimsuits and sunshine? That's just plain cruel. My pasty white skin is green w/ envy...