Friday, June 3, 2011


for . . .

the last days of school

neighborhood kids, games, bikes, scooters,  & sidewalk chalk

a week without rain


laughter and giggles

frisbees and tennis balls

my children's friends


cool spring evenings

the smell of the canyon

the sound of the creek

smiles and hugs

meaningful conversations


Dimple Dell running trails

morning walks



washed dishes, every evening, courtesy of Chris

healthy bodies

a good book

a clean house

a content husband

a happy dog

a boy who keeps his curfew . . .

Just a few of the myriad of blessings I've noticed the last couple of days.

Who would have guessed that my day actually started out miserably?   However, once selfishness and negative thinking are pushed out of the way, I am much more aware of the abundance of light, goodness, and beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Gratitude is a powerful elixir.

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