Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another school year over

Last Wednesday marked the end of another elementary school year for my girls.  The last day of school is always such a tender time as the mixed emotions of elation that summer is finally here and the nostalgic sadness that my little ones are one year older and moving on to the next grade, seem to take over.  As I walked through the elementary school to drop off teacher gifts, say my good-byes, and snap a few pictures it was difficult to hold back the tears.  Seriously, I am such a wimp.

The desire to hold onto childhood isn't nearly as strong with the older kids, where the end of the school year marks an increase in maturity, wisdom, responsibility, and independence. R and C finished their 10th and 8th grades the previous Friday celebrating with friends, staying out much too late, and sleeping in much too long!

Some pics:
Heading out for the last day of school

Liza and Sophie getting in their lines - on the mornings I took the girls to school I loved watching them head to class with their cute hair in ribbons or flowers and backpacks bouncing behind them.

Our beautiful canyon - the drive back home from the school

Sophie's teacher, Mrs. Rust.  Unbelievable 4th grade year - incredible teacher, amazing class . . . it was hard for Sophie to say good-bye.

I adored these kids - it was so fun to help in Sophie's class each week!

Liza with her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. DiPietro

I also adored these munchkins and loved teaching "Meet the Masters" each month.

It was such a breathtaking day that last day of school, I had to get a shot from the playground - beautiful!

Yes, if you look closely - TEARS - all the girls in the neighborhood came off the bus crying . . . 

I'm not sure Liza was crying - haha - I guess to be like all the big girls

End of school PARTY in the neighborhood . . . bikes, scooters galore

Sophie and best friend Carli - smiles replaced the tears!

Liza and buddy Kate


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cher said...

Oh my.... What a day! I'm stealing your picture of the girls all crying (Leah looks hilarious, don't tell her I said that!) All the boys were probably just thinking how crazy girls are.

I love our kid-friendly neighborhood - it's really turning into party central, a place everyone is welcome and you can always find some fun. : )