Monday, June 6, 2011

U2 360, round two

Since I am bound and determined not to let May happenings slip by, I'm backtracking a bit and figured a recap from the latest U2 concert are most necessary, even if I did write a lengthy post detailing our last concert experience. With that said, I was in awe every bit as much as last time, however we were so close to the band, it felt at times like a private concert . . . wow, wow, wow.  Each minute was pure joy, but I still have my favorites and wish I could see Bono and crew perform all the songs that make my heart soar.

SLC highlights from my "top 20": City of Blinding Lights, All I Want is You, Beautiful Day, Moment of Surrender, Magnificent and Walk On.  Of course, no U2 concert is complete without Mysterious Ways, Vertigo, Elevation and a few "Joshua Tree" favorites.  Also, every time I hear Even Better than the Real Thing I am instantly transported back to that evening . . . truly, the perfect way to begin the concert.  If I had no other life, I would follow Bono and The Edge around the country, but alas, real life awaits, but it was sure nice to lose myself in the brilliance of their music for a few hours back on Tuesday, May 24th.

Some pics:
Our group waiting in line -  ya want to be close,  you need to spend the afternoon in line!

Ryan and friends after being dropped off after school

Heading into the stadium

Scoping out our spot

Chris found us!  If you're Chris, you can get away with showing up at 6:30 and still getting close . . . 
Curt, he owes you big time!

The Fray - very nice

Curt and I escaped the inner circle before the big show

My man, The Edge . . . performed right in front of us all night

What a night - thanks Bono!

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Julie Pia said...

Hey Julie!

You are such a sweetheart. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Your family is BEAUTIFUL too. And you're such a great Mom!

The camera I use is from Costco. It's the Nikon D5000. It's not the best photography camera in the world, but the price was right and it's great for me.

I would love to get together sometime and smack the ball around. Lets try and catch up soon ok?