Friday, June 17, 2011

How awesome are my parents?

Well, just for starters . . .

They invited Sophie and Liza to come visit in St. George ALL week, where they fed them, entertained them, took them horseback riding, hiking in Zion, swimming, to the library, dinosaur museum, and to a play at Tuacahn.  Bless them.

They have invited the rest of us down for the weekend for more swimming, refrigerator raids, and general mooching.

They take my son golfing.

They arrange tennis lessons for my daughters.

They always have a project ready for one of the kids to help with.

They don't mind when my kids order burgers and fries from their club account while at the pool.

They will walk to the park, several times a day, if requested by one of the children.

They check movie times in the area and plan a family movie outing.

They stay up late playing cards or dominoes with the teenagers.

They will play endless games of "pick-up-sticks" or "Sequence Jr." with the littles.

They take time to listen to their daughter and enjoy our heart to heart chats.

They never fail to tell the kids how wonderful, smart, good-looking, athletic, talented, and fabulous they are (I know, holy ego boost).

They send us back home with a car loaded with snacks, treats, water bottles and gatorade.

Thanks Mom and Dad - you are the BEST!
Grandma Janice and Grandpa Terry with their favorite teenage grandson


Kristi said...

So fun to catch up on your blog... it's always a fun read. :)

Your parents are VERY awesome, that sounds like a little piece of heaven. Lucky!

Jenna Tilt said...

Wish we were closer to enjoy the fun of Grandma Nanice and Papa Terry!