Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father's Day weekend 2011

We love our DAD!

Yes, Liza really does adore Chris . . . she just wanted to go swimming, NOT take pictures

Big hugs!

Hug for the greatest dad a girl could ask for . . .

not to mention a fabulous GRANDPA!

OK team, you're done - time to swim (notice that Chris changed already ;-)

Before church - the girls' little surprise they made for their dad

Of course every Howick celebration must include an ice-cream cake - thanks Mom!

At the pool . . . daddy/daughter bonding - who knows what Liza is up to?!

The girls playing "pool categories"

Fun times at the Bloomington club pool 

I know I'm a week behind with my Father's Day post, but need to share a little someting Ryan wrote awhile back when he was completing a "Duty to God" requirement.  He was asked to detail ten attributes about a person he admires.  He chose his dad, and this was his list:

    • He's smart
    • He's a hard worker
    • He's in good shape and takes care of himself
    • He is caring
    • He is a good example to us
    • He is fun to be around and makes us laugh
    • He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has a strong testimony
    • He uses clean language - always
    • He provides for his family and takes care of us
    • He is encouraging and supportive of me in school and all my activities.

    Well said Ryan - you are blessed not only with a wonderful father, but a lifelong friend.

    Ryan and Chris after Ryan took 1st place in a Jiu Jitsu tournament last year. . . 
    this was one proud papa that day!

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