Monday, June 6, 2011

Hold it together

Today marked another unwelcome milestone: the last 1st grade program I'll attend until I have grandchildren.

How depressing.

It was precious.  Cute Liza in her favorite sundress and cardigan standing up straight and tall next to her 1st grade buddies singing her little heart out with the rest of those adorable toothless children.  It didn't hit me until the final couple of songs that this was it, after three other sweet, innocent, and informative 1st grade programs throughout the years, this was my last . . . my baby was moving on.

Sniffle, sniffle.

I did pretty well holding it together until the slide show.  What is it about sadistic 1st grade teachers that want to make mothers of last children make fools of themselves in front of their neighbors??  Really, flood gates and NO tissues . . . man, I wasn't prepared.  My friends from the neighborhood (who, btw, still have younger children) offered their support and condolences with looks of confused sympathy.  Just wait my friends, your day will be here soon!

It was just last week for FHE that we watched Ryan's 1st grade program from Rock Canyon Elementary school in Provo, and now my little Liza was singing in hers.  Life seriously moves too quickly, and I'm finding myself becoming more emotional with each milestone.  Really, crying on the last day of "mommy and me" Kindermusik was one thing . . . what in the world am I going to be like when she graduates from high school??

The least I can do is capture the moment forever.  Oh, wait,  the video camera didn't have a battery and my camera battery died.  Wow, nice one Mom.   But, I did have the cell phone for a quick, yet grainy shot of my girl.  Oh, and thanks Caroline for spending the morning of your first day of summer break supporting your little sister . . . and wondering what is wrong with your overly emotional mother.

And thanks Liza for the giant hug and sweet kiss after the program.  You rock my world young one!


Melissa said...

I get emotional just thinking about it - and it's still 5 year away for me!

Kathryn said...

Wow Julie - my boy just finished 1st grade and we don't even have a program like that! Good thing I still have one more to go. However, I'm of the mind (right now at least) that I can't wait for her to get there!!! :) Maybe it will change???