Monday, November 17, 2008

10. COSTCO baby!

Yes, you've got it right - I am SO thankful for Costco . . . those of you who know me well, know that my Costco fascination is more that a whim, it's an obsession. I don't like shopping, I can't do malls, boutiques, or basically anywhere there are sales people, and I have absolutely no idea what the latest fashion or home trends are at the moment . . . all the necessities of Costco worship. You shop on tables, no one bugs you, you can pick up box of tennis balls, new pjs, a book, and even a patio table in one stop, and everything is such a deal it just makes you smile. I am giddy when half way through my day I realize that my entire outfit was purchased at Costco :-). Really, I think I have a disease. Believe me, I'm not the only one who grabs their phone and calls friends about the latest deal right there in the store: "AMY, you have GOT to see these boots for the girls - they're only $13.99 and SO cute . . . oh, and I think I found the perfect table for your hallway. . . . oh, and did you see that they have a HUGE jar of pesto for only $7.99!" Disneyland has nothing on Costco when it comes to the "happiest place on earth."

Here's a story that sums up my devotion to Costco. This summer while checking out after a delightful spree, I glanced up and found an old friend helping me. I let out an excited yelp of recognition as I gasped, "GERARD!! It's been so long, how are you doing? How's the family? Is your little girl still dancing? What brings you to this Costco?" Caroline's jaw dropped as she looked at me, then back at the Costco employee, then back at me. That is the first indication that maybe my adoration for Costco has gone a little too far - I'm on a first name basis with it's store managers. As we were walking out, Caroline was beside herself with embarrassment as she began venting her frustrations: "Mom, I can't believe you remember Costco workers from PROVO . . . Mom, did you have to call him by his first name . . . Mom, do you know exactly how weird that was??" I love it when my kids use the word "weird" when describing my actions, it means I'm right on track as a parent :-).

So, in celebration of the greatest store on the planet in which I am ever so grateful, I'd like to share some of my favorite Costco finds, as my dear friend Jodelle and I use to describe anything wonderful we find at the warehouse. When it comes to Costco, we don't even speak in full sentences because it's so exhilarating, it's a language which only we understand, and in response all our kids just roll their eyes. It goes something like this: "Capris?" . . . "Costco baby!" "Love the rug" . . . "Costco baby!" "Cute vest" . . . "Costco Baby!!" "Beautiful table". . . "Oh ya, COSTCO BABY!!!"


Kristin said...

Ah Julie. It's too bad we don't live in the same city. We'd get along so well... I have a few of those, "Costco Baby!" finds myself! Sadly, the nearest one is St. George, and after you spend $15 on gas, the good deals go down the tubes...

Kristi said...

Yep. Costco is a happy place. :)