Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3. Teenagers, especially my own

With all the excitement of yesterday's election and staying up with Chris and the older kids for a civic lesson in democracy, I completely forgot to post my daily gratitude. So here it is . . . yes, teenagers. I'm baffled by the fear that grips young parents when they hear that dreaded word - TEENAGER - I think I had the same worries as a young mother myself, but now that we're beginning that magical time of life where I have a son who will be fourteen in a few months I can't believe how much I LOVE having a teenager around. Here are the reasons why I am so grateful for Ryan:
  • He is responsible - especially with schoolwork and housework.
  • He can carry on a thoughtful, intelligent conversation (believe me, this is SO much better than trying to deal with an irrational 4-year old).
  • He is full of optimism for his future . . . this is the time when anything is possible - i love it!
  • Everything is new for him, all these experiences - it is so exciting and you can feel the energy.
  • He is open to new ideas, he listens, has questions, and is trying to understand the larger picture.
  • He's beginning to understand the importance of service and does make an honest effort to be patient with his sisters.
  • He is growing in the gospel and participating fully in the young men and scout program.
  • The confidence in himself and his abilities increases daily - which makes him such a pleasant person to be around (most of the time :-).
I am just so grateful for Ryan and all he is becoming. Teenagers really can be a delight. As I look back to the years I spent in the Young Women's program in Provo, I can't express how much each of those girls enriched my life - they were such a blessing to me and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to teach them as well as learn from them. Chris just commented on Sunday about what an amazing group of 16-17 year olds he has in his Sunday School class and how much they bring to the table. I have so much gratitude for the youth, especially those who are genuinely trying to learn and grow through their experiences. Caroline is just about there and it's already such an exciting time for her as well.

Since we're on the subject, I've been meaning to put some pics of Ryan's new room up on the blog. When he turned 13, his big gift was a room makeover . . . no more little boy red/white/blue rugby rug and baseball theme. So, we have IKEA to thank for helping us modernize and giving Ryan the space he is finally comfortable having his friends visit:


Kristen said...

That was so great to read! My oldest is 10 and the teenage years are a total unknown to me, so I loved hearing something positive about them. Also - love your son's room! go BYU! :)

joseph and brianna said...

his room looks awesome finished!

Marti said...

Mark used to hold me over the banister like that...except he held me by my ankles!

Amy said...

your are my hero and "mother of the year"! From Halloween to costumes to kids bedrooms. I need your energy in the MOM category. I love reading your blog and I love your positive outlook on life! I was looking through your book reviews and found you had read the 5 love languages ... I just happened upon these books myself. I am currently reading The 5 love languages for children and have the one about "your mate" on hold at the library. I love them! I too am learning so much about myself in the process of learning more about my kids. Sorry for the lengthy message, but I wanted you to know I love reading your blog and for your inspiration! Let's get together soon.

Kristin said...

I'm relieved to hear you have a 'good' teenager. I am one of the 'young' mom's that is personally DREADING the teenage years. Not really from my son, he is a lot like your Ryan, but from my 3 drama queens. When puberty intensifies that drama... just kill me.

Kristi said...

What a fun picture! It sounds like you have raised him well.

I LOVE babies, but must admit I've enjoyed my teenagersso much more than I feared I would...

Kristi said...

ps. you don't give yourself enough credit on the "decorating." The bedroom looks awesome! Who's the Martha now? ;)

lyn. said...

Like childbirth, I have forgotten the teenage years... LOL