Saturday, November 15, 2008

9. Indie Movies and Ethnic Food

OK, I was scanning my last few "thankful" blog entries and it's starting to sound like a sacrament meeting talk, and I can only act so mature and philosophical for so long :-). For the next few posts I would like to take a look at some of the fun things out there that bless my life and define me as a person. I'll start with two of my very favorite things to do with Chris on the weekend - hit an independent movie at the Broadway or Tower and then head to one of our local ethnic restaurants. Last night it was this movie, and I'm a little hesitant recommending it to anyone who finds some language and intense family drama uncomfortable (it's not for everyone), but for me, just like the majority of independent films, it was thought provoking, insightful, compassionate, and honest. If you watch that film without shedding at least ONE tear, you have no heart!

I am passionate and extremely selective about the movies I'll spend my time and money viewing. I've found the great majority of mainstream box-office films too predictable and even mind numbing like this film (we rented the dvd after a recommendation and were all so sick of it 1/2 through we turned it off - really, it was that awful - my apologies to those friends of mine who liked it), that I find it refreshing to sit in a theater and have your mind and soul renewed and expanded due to creative and talented writing and directing. My absolute favorite movie of all time I saw a year or so again at the Broadway after missing it's premiere at Sundance (DANG), it's one of those films that doesn't leave you, that says so much with so little and truly understands the heart. THAT my friends, you'll rarely find at the local Cinemark 16. I was shocked last summer while at a wedding reception conversing with some friends and making the remark that afterwards Chris and I were headed downtown for the latest indie . . . our friends had NO idea what we were talking about. Are you kidding? People . . . LIVE, experience, and find those things out there that are a little different, that enrich your life, that truly explore the human heart - you'll be a better person for the experience. Go see a great documentary and learn something new, or read the subtitles of an amazing foreign film, or explore a period drama, or a thoughtful biopic. You'll be glad you did!

OK, next, my insatiable desire for something with cumin, curry, or coridander. As grateful as I am for the pilgrims this time of year, they didn't bring eastern spices with them on the Mayflower, so right now I'm incredibly thankful for those immigrants who come to our little city and set up shop creating delightful aromas and victuals that tantalize the palate. Just give me anything Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Turkish, Moroccan, Greek, Indonesian, Afgani . . . ok, you get the picture. I am so thankful for the little restaurants scattered around the valley that cater to my desires, and especially to my friends Rachel and Sue who introduced me to these culinary delights while in college. So, to increase business so I'll never show up one day and see a "closed" sign, I'll put a few of my favorites here for your enjoyment:
  • Himalayan Kitchen (our choice last night - 4th S., west of State)
  • Cedars of Lebanon (152 E. 2nd S.)
  • Mazza (9th/9th and 15th/15th - I prefer this location - smaller and more intimate, plus the owner is more often up here and he's great!)
  • Royal Thai (1968 Murray-Holladay Road)
  • Cafe Madrid (for a splurge and authentic Spanish cuisine, 2080 E. 3900 S.)
I couldn't live without good food and thought provoking entertainment - my life is richer and more colorful . . . for that I am filled with gratitude!


Nancy said...

Love your blog! It is so full of personality, just like YOU! And your family is beautiful!
I too, have come to appreciate interesting cuisine. We have some favorite Greek and Indian restaurants here on the island. Nate has to eat all sorts of ethnic food when traveling so we keep our date nights simple. But I always try to catch a Bobby Flay restaurant when in the city. Somehow he creates layers upon layers of flavor. Nothing I could even try to recreate at home.
It's so fun to keep in touch! Love it.

Kristi said...

I am loving your gratitude posts. Such good insight into YOU!

I wish I were more adventurous when it comes to food. Makes Jason crazy...

Nici said...

LOVE the Himalayan! It is our favorite Indian restaurant! Orchid is also a favorite of mine for oriental food.

gina said...

I hated August Rush too. So predictable like you said. I want to see Rachel... too. I love movies that are real. That make me cry. That make me FEEL ANYTHING. What REAL family doesn't have heart-breaking drama and tears? I'll have to get Once. I've had my eye on that for awhile on netflix.

I love your blog.

Kristen said...

I tried to leave a comment on your Costco post but couldn't for some reason. I'm with you - I love Costco. I've come to believe that if Costco doesn't have it, I don't need it :). I love reading your blog!