Friday, November 7, 2008

5. Laughter

Who can live without laughter? Really, for me it's a necessity of life (i.e. food, water, air . . . a good laugh) and I need it everyday for survival, therefore it's something I feel immense gratitude. Today was one of those days when things were just plain funny. Everything made me laugh and heightened my awareness how great a good chuckle makes me feel. There are times when I laugh so hard I'm crying, and the greatest part about that trait of mine is that Caroline has inherited it - we'll get her laughing so hard tears roll down her cheeks . . . really, can you experience true laughter any other way?? Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, those who have heard Chris' full throttle laugh knows that he snorts and all it does is get us all laughing even harder!

I am grateful for the times we laugh together at the dinner table or before family prayer, I am so grateful for my friends who can keep me in stitches and who know that all it takes is a phrase to bring back a hilarious moment (i.e. "the raquet has been spun"), I am grateful for the times I laugh with all my other family members when we all get together and the inside jokes that keep those bonds strong, and I am especially grateful for those friends who are so dear to me and know when I'm having a tough time or a hard day that all I need is something to make me laugh to feel myself once again.

So tonight the kids picked one of our favorite "laugh together" dvds . . . School of Rock. OK, we LOVE this movie - it cracks us up and Jack Black is absolutely hilarious. It's just one of those movies that makes you LAUGH, so if you haven't introduced it to your kids yet - please do, because no matter what your mood it will make you feel better, and your kids will love it!

"I pledge alligence to the band . . . ."


lyn. said...

I have never seen the movie, but I will for sure be checking it out...

I'm always up for a good laugh!

Kristin said...

My Tess could monologue this movie when she was 4. It was/is scary. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it at our house too. Except for the time the bishops wife was over, and the kids were watching it, and all of sudden we hear, "Shut the hell up Schneibly!" from the drummer kid.... a tad bit embarrassing.

Kristi said...

Classic. Love anything Jack Black.

I probably laugh too much... I'm not sure it's such a good thing, but truthfully, I am easily amused.

I'm glad you are too, becaue I truly believe - laughter IS the best medicine!